Bibione Smoke-free beach

Bibione says goodbye to cigarettes under an umbrella: from summer 2019 it will be the first Italian beach to offer its guests only the purest and completely smoke-free sea air. After a series of experiments and the various initiatives carried out in recent years, in particular with the „Breathe the sea“ project, the seaside resort, among the top Italian tourist destinations in terms of number of visitors, once again confirms itself at the forefront of tourist proposal that respects the environment and health. From next season, therefore, smoking will be banned along all eight kilometers of Bibione beach, according to procedures that will be established by the month of May by the municipal administration with a specific ordinance and communication campaign.

The project will include the setting up of equipped and delimited areas within which it will be possible to smoke. The generous dimensions of the Bibione beach will also allow comfortable and shady spaces even for those who don’t want to give up a cigarette.

You can also smoke in the beach kiosks.

„Rather than introducing a ban, we are interested in giving those who choose to spend their holidays with us the opportunity to breathe the clean sea air without having to tolerate pollutants that are dangerous to health – explains Pasqualino Codognotto, mayor of San Michele to the Tagliamento-Bibione –. It’s also a way to promote a culture of respect with our guests, and we’re sure smokers will also take advantage of this opportunity. An initiative also supported by all our tour operators and which allows us to increasingly qualify Bibione as a quality destination in terms of environment and health“.

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