Bibione Free Wifi for 18,000 beach umbrellas

Adriatico promenade is the name of the cycle and pedestrian path parallel to the beach, which crosses the entire Bibione coast, running along the sea, from east to west, from the lighthouse to Bibione Pineda. Free Wi-Fi for 18,000 umbrellas is the new record for summer 2016 in Bibione, which is set to become the largest beach in Italy to offer wireless internet to its tourists.

Reading books and newspapers online, twittering via Twitter, showing off your tan on Instagram or – needless to deny it – sorting out some work matters in Bibione is simple and free. And for foreign tourists, it represents an extra advantage that allows you not to have to buy navigation passes abroad.

There will be two types of connection, one called Free Wi-Fi, free and active 24 hours a day for all those who purchase an umbrella from Bibione Spiaggia srl, either directly or through rental agencies, campsites and hotels. A password and a rapid credit system will allow navigation by the sea, in total relaxation. For users with specific connection needs, there is Wi-Fi Pro, in this case for a fee.

With the arrival of the free wireless internet service on such a large area, Bibione adds a new and important element to its offer, which satisfies – and often anticipates – the wishes of its guests.

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